Welcome to Noticeboard Ninja

Welcome to the community noticeboard of the Hidden Village of Saibāsupēsu Kakure No Sato.

For great digital liberty! This service seeks to remedy common social network and mainstream media concerns by providing an online platform for:

  • Freedom of information
  • No unsolicited advertising
  • No unsolicited information shaping algorithms
  • Full privacy or publicity as you choose
  • No unwarranted third party access on censorship
  • Freedom of anonymity
  • Dark web (Tor) access

With great power comes great responsibility. This place will be what you make of it. Please treat this space and your fellow members with respect.

We are a small independent start up in need of your support. If you like this service please consider becoming a member or make a donation to help us grow.

Arigato gozaimasu and enjoy.

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