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wAgAwAgA is experimenting with sound synthesizers, audio manipulation, live drums and instrumentation. styles ranging from dub, jungle, jazz, triphop, electronica.
elements of eastern music and natural sounds find their way in also.

All albums and music available for download @ wagawaga.bandcamp.com

United Kingdom

Before The Dawning of a New Century.....
There was still time to upload some last minute ear-splitters.

This is the remnants of a hectic week before leaving the uk this winter, i haven't gone back to edit these. too phrenetic. Some fun stuff to share with my fellow randomers.

Well done everyone. the decades done. you're never getting those years back :) may the scorch be with you. here's to more! see you all in the 2020202020202020202020202020s....!!!


released December 31, 2019

Righto !

This album has been a long time in the waiting. dialing the clock back around 10 years. These are some of the tunes and ideas i was experimenting with during the early albums. at the time there was something about each of these tracks which i didn't like, i thought i would work on them more, but i just moved on. and on. over the years ive tried several times to put this collection together but something always put me off.

now after a long wait, i feel happy enough to let them go. there's some good stuff in there, and for dj's that are into the 140 sound, ull find a lot of useful tracks for sets.

the opening track is a re-edit of "gnights a b trip" from mrepsican. its been a magic tune for me over the years, as u can mix it over almost …

Recent albums have been made up of older material, so ive been wanting to release something fresher.

Ive worked on this album for the last couple of months on and off.

The drums were recorded in Kampot.
Tracks were recorded and arranged in Koh Kong.
All instruments and parts played by wAgAwAgA.

released October 19, 2017

Shout outs to Banyan Tree, Jojangles, The Dogs, Hutch, Big Ben, The Chap, all and everyone who's helped me out :)

one night the phantom came and lifted the cursed devizez,
this time capsule was left behind.

Returning from the mountain dream.
having sailed the seven seas of trudgeon.
and washed up near reggie.

we travelled, with silas as the guide,
traversing the multiverse of Sonus Australis.
from the crystal-murky waters of Aotearoa
the neo-fluoro landscape of the immigrant hominids
was recapitulated through an angld lens.
to form a hybrid view of rigdom.

the master files now lost!
these crystalline sketches are all that remain
of a long weekend of Progging into the pHuture.

Beginning with some techno/time experiments,
things accelerated and twisted through the wacky/unsettling realms
before collapsing into the reflected fall.

....The title track was inspired by playing out in london and the soundman catching me 3 times redlining the mixer with all the dials at max.....so i thought, why not have a tune specially for redlining.

more in the jungle/breakcore/acid realms. i wrote these 2 around the same time for a breakcore night, waaay back in 2010.....i was never quite happy with the mixes that's why they stayed unreleased for so long, but the project files are long since lost.

so here they are! a couple of archived emergency bangerz, for special occasions.


released June 15, 2017

shoutouts: jbag

ok, so this ep is a bit like a trip down memory lane for me. I haven't written music like this for years. exploring the faster/idm realms. tweaky synth noise and beautiful melodies. returning to the sounds that drew me into production in the first place, but incorporating some of the new things i've learnt over the while.

Its been a tricky year... computer keeps breaking and i cant afford to fix it. i was totally offline and unable to work on anything for six months. I've been following the 'free' model with music for a long time, to keep it accessible, but i have to place a value on these things because its been difficult to carry on.

I love exploring these different worlds of sound. so this is a bit of a call out to anyone who cares to support. I need your help! please donate what you …