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ZF-1 by Zorg Industries

The ZF-1 is an ambidextrous multifunctional weapon incapable of being detected by X-Rays featuring a titanium recharger, 3000 round clip (given the weapon is energy based and so the clip has no moving parts, this is not strictly incorrect, though calling the shots "rounds" is) with a burst of 3 or 300. It also features a variety of other fire modes as well, including a self-destruct button.

  • Replay Button: The ZF-1 can be set to so that the first round fired acts as a beacon for guided bullets, causing all subsequent shots to home in on the original one's impact point.
  • Rocket Launcher: The ZF-1 features a small yellow rocket which devastates any target it hits.
  • Arrow Launcher: Zorg demonstrated that from the sides of the ZF-1 were two launchers with a total of 10 arrows, 5 in each launcher. The arrowheads were each either explosive or had poisonous gas heads.
  • Net Launcher: For non-lethal takedowns, the ZF-1 is also known to have a net launcher to capture, rather than kill the target.
  • Flamethrower: Zorg's personal favorite, the ZF-1 features a short ranged flamethrower.
  • Ice Cube System: A new device the ZF-1 possesses is a weapon be able to freeze people.
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